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Handmade Textile Black Moth Evil Eye Mobile/ Wall Art

Handmade Textile Black Moth Evil Eye Mobile/ Wall Art

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Handmade in Northern Ontario.

Locally foraged driftwood.

Black Moth Textile Mobile/ Wall Art.

Evil Eye - Eye of Protection Design.

Black glass bead embellished.

Hemp String 

Gray Wool Tassels.

Black/Brass Metallic Embroidery Thread 

Made with up cycled fabric.

3x Moths are approximately 4,5" in length.

Birch wood discs.

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  • Lowering Landfill Waste!

    Peace and kindness matters but so does lowering our carbon footprint.

    "The University of Waterloo said that Canadians toss away close to 500 million kg of fabric items every year.

  • RRR


    Many of our designs include material and finds from thrift stores, second hand grabs or items that we forage in our community to make you ART.

  • Second chances at love...

    Up cycling challenges us as artists, it is helping keep textile out of landfills and encourages us to mend old clothes into new artistic trends. Foraging for the next AMAZING thing to work with is also pretty AWESOME!

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