Chelsea Market

What's with the mushrooms?

One of the most asked questions is;..." so what's with the mushroom"? Why the mushroom? People love them, they enjoy looking at them and express joy over how enchanted they are by it all. Β I, always answer by telling them that mushrooms are fascinating and have deep symbolic meaning in our lives such as...










Now that you know a bit about the symbolic poetry of the mushrooms, picture this; it is 2014 andΒ I am sitting in my OBGYN's waiting room,Β  8 months pregnant, and my phone rings! β€œCongratulations you’ve won a trip to New York”.- After a few seconds I realized it wasn't the captain calling, I really did win a trip, for two, to NY City!Β  Ok... so fast forward several months laterΒ (had to wait until the baby was older so we could fly the coop solo for a few days)...

The Gardner's are on-flight to Manhattan Island , NY, NY- USA- it is about 10 days before Christmas at this point and the city was just waiting for us to discover it and all its festive seasonings and decor.Β 

I had booked a private photographer (JJ) to bring us around the Island - to the less tourist listed attractions and the more "where New Yorkers go"!Β  She totally nailed it - we have amazing photographs from beautiful brownstone neighborhoods to urban fun underground subway images. As much as I was just walking on air that day - JJΒ also brought me to a place that took me by surprise, she had no way of knowing I loved handmade things, yet here we were at the entrance of the world famous:Β  The Chelsea Market

The market was lovely - we enjoyed it so much - it was vibrant and full of artisans and local food vendors. I was already obsessed with ANTHROPOLOGIE before NY - but in a very serendipitous way there stood a storefront right in front of us at 75 9th Ave, New York, NY. Β We had to GO in!Β 

A very memorable story short - as we shopped and adored all the lovely things - I then gazed upon the smallest velvet mushroom ornament with minimalist amounts of itty bitty rhinestones hand sewn on the caps. I kinda just had a moment with the mushroom - it was just so well made - it was soft, it was shiny, it was Christmas! I did not purchase it (regret? YES) but I think I left with more than just a new ornament for my home. I left with a seed, a seed that has grown into so many beautiful creations that I have made, listed and sold!Β 




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