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Organic Seed Bombs

Organic Seed Bombs

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What are Seed Bombs?

“Seed Bombs are made of clay, soil, and wildflower seeds. These little balls of clay use a planting technique that is actually hundreds of years old. The clay protects the seeds from hungry insects and birds, while the soil provides organic matter and nutrients. When conditions are right (water, temperature, sunlight), the seed bombs will break down and the seeds will germinate into flowering plants that will provide habitat and food for our important pollinator friends.

Easy Planting Instructions


Unlike most sowing techniques, Seed Bombs should not actually be buried in soil. They need to be placed (or dropped) on the soil surface. These plants will grow best in full to partial sun – in a spot that receives at least 4 hours of sun daily. Seed balls are usually marketed as “throw and grow”. However, for best success, we recommend placing them on soil (approximately one foot from each other) that has been tilled and is free of other vegetation, and mulching around them to reduce weeds that may compete with them. For Spring Planting, water them frequently for the first few weeks, until the seeds germinate and the plants have grown to about 4 inches tall: then water as needed. Be patient - some of these plants may not bloom the first year, but will reward you with more blooms in subsequent years! Fall Planting works well if you live in an area with snow cover in the winter. You do not need to water the Seed Bombs in the Fall. The snow will help the clay break down so the seeds are ready to grow when the ground warms up in the spring. 



Store Seed Bombs in a cool, dry place. They will keep for months without much loss of germination.


Even though most of these plants are native, Seed Bombs are intended for home garden use“.

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