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Mushroom Earrings

Super cute.

Lightweight design.


Market *** BESTSELLER***

Colourful. Classic. Trending.

Velvet. Cotton. Polymer Clay.

Silver & Gold (sorry not hypoallergenic).

Unique. Limited Stock.

Textile fungi that you can wear on the go! We have your style covered with our wide selection of textiles, prints, patterns colours and design.

  • COGNITIVE -Softness

    Our sensory "touch designs" allows us to create correctly and instinctively placing elements where they will be enjoyable to touch.

  • Movement - Product Inspection

    Sensory designers explore non-visual solutions, neurological factors in tandem with cognition, movement and communication. The motion of fabrication from a piece of textile, to a sturdy, sustainable part of the design.

  • COMMUNICATION- "Saw it"!

    Our sensory "sight design" allows two opposite elements to be fused together using sight fusion. The ability to be aware of colour, texture, light level, contrast, motion and other visual stimuli.

  • Happiness: Dopamine

    Our transformed sensory pieces morphed into art pieces that supports feelings of reward and motivation. Our sensory designs help us make people feel: HAPPY.

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